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Who wouldn’t want to try out the services of a casino that offers as many as 300 different games?

The reputation of online casinos has soared in the last few years and the approval ratings are still increasing. The reasons are not hard to identify. A top pioneer in the online casino industry is the Lucky Palace Casino. It offers the best and even more promises for every gaming session, powered by the Lucky Palace Casino.

The Lucky Palace app is available for all android, IOS and Windows devices, it is easy to download and install. Many players are pleased with the fact that they can enjoy their favorite casino games right in the comfort of their homes and practically anywhere due to the portability of their android mobile phones.

Lucky Palace has easily become the most preferred online casino played all over Malaysia. This is a reputation that has been built on an absolutely fantastic customer satisfaction and reliability every time the users need to play their favorite games.

Our gaming platform supports the popular categories of online games like the slots, video poker, live dealer games and jackpot games. An amazing experience awaits every player who chooses to play games under any of these categories with the added advantage of winning real money.

The slot games are almost a hundred in number, including the public’s number one favorite marvel comic games where you can enjoy games with your most admired super heroes while playing the slot.

Players can also enjoy the thrill of playing games with an actual live dealer in service. Games like the Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat are available with the Lucky Palace. Are you ready to test those skills? Do you have what it takes to score that wining number on the Roulette wheel, or sweep the stakes at Blackjack? These and more await you on the Lucky Palace platform.

There are outstanding bonuses awaiting every new member on Lucky Palace. These free bonuses are to encourage the new players who stand better chances of winning huge payouts free of charge when they play with their free bonuses.

All you need is a computer or an android device and you can easily download the Lucky Palace online casino app by clicking the link above. The world of astonishing games that await you will be a very pleasant experience.
Click on the link now to start enjoying the breathtaking experience of online casino gaming.


Since its introduction to the public about two years ago, the Lucky Palace online casino has won the hearts of many Malaysians with its remarkable array of captivating online casino games. Lucky Palace is another alias of the Lucky Palace casino. The local casino industry has readily welcomed the Lucky Palace and its unbelievable promises. A wide variety of Captivating Slot Games.

Lucky Palace stands out from other slot gaming services in the market because the developers have taken every measure to ensure that the platform is highly dependable, ensuring that every player can have a thrilling experience at any time of the day. There are over 300 mobile online slot games available on the platform.

This includes the Highway Kings, Great Blue, Silver Bullet, Bonus Bears, Cherry Love, Dolphin Reef, Captain’s Treasures and a whole lot more. Playtech has surprised the huge Lucky Palace gaming community by revealing the marvel comic themed games too. Now players enjoy their slot games designed with the super heroes that make marvel comics so popular. There are now slot games designed with the x-men, The Avengers, Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk etc. it is difficult to get such a thrilling experience while gaming and at the same time have the chance of earning huge payouts from the progressive jackpots.


If you every nursed any fears about downloading the Lucky Palace games on your mobile devices, you are in luck. The Lucky Palace gaming platform has been developed to remove that nasty experience of difficult downloads. All you need is your android device, iPhone or a pc to get your very own version of the Lucky Palace games. Playtech slot games remain the best choice.


Playtech has built its reputation around the really fantastic graphics used for the live casino games. The Malaysian casino lovers have preferred the Lucky Palace over other options mainly because they really love the graphics.

The games seem so real, especially the live gaming options for Baccarat, Roulette and the Sicbo which feature alluring live casino dealers to heighten the thrill of playing the game. These live games have all been protected with high level security encryption to protect the data from any external intrusion. Lucky Palace offers one of the most secured gaming platforms for the numerous members of its community.

Only the best quality has been made available for the live games like online slots, video poker, jackpot games etc. playing these games form the comfort of your home is also very appealing. You can play your favorite games at any time; all you need to do is grab a drink and some pizza then log onto the Lucky Palace online casino.

All the games offered by at Lucky Palace have been developed in a way that they will enhance every user’s experience. They controls are very easy to understand and use, a fair policy has been used to oversee the development of each game.

This gives every player a fair chance at winning the huge payout from the progressive jackpots. So come on board to enjoy different variations of your favorite classic games and the newer slot games designed with the marvel comic super heroes.

Signing up has never been so easy. Simply download the Lucky Palace Casino client, create your personal account and launch yourself into the breathtaking world of online casino games.

Why I Chose Lucky Palace Instead of Other Casino Games

With the technology, there are now unlimited options available online to play casino games and gamble your money in Malaysia.

If your motive is only to get entertainment with online casino games and spend some time in online gaming, then you could go with any second online casino club or mobile application because by doing this you will end up with a game to get entertain.

But mostly (actually 100%) gambler play casino games to win money and other big prizes, that’s why they bet their money in online casino games.

When it comes to money, then you cannot just choose a random casino game to play. You need to consider many things like how capable the online games are, what type of prizes you can easily won and how much you can trust on the casino games company etc.

While there are many choices available to play casino games but if you asked me about my choice then I will suggest you only Lucky Palace because I am most familiar with this as compare to any other online casino games where my winning with Lucky Palace is always higher than with casino games I played preciously in Malaysia.

What makes Lucky Palace so special?

There is not just one thing in Lucky Palace which attracted me and why i chose it instead of other casino games.

First of all, it is Asia’s pioneering online casino Malaysia which provides nonstop gaming and entertainment experience.

So, as an Asian living in Malaysia, Lucky Palace is a good choice for me to get interacted with other regional gamblers and players. You will always found there thousands of Asian players all the time who are ready to bet their money on different games of Lucky Palace.

The other thing which makes Lucky Palace so special is its versatile. If you are one like me who like to play different games through one casino application or software then Lucky Palace is a great choice to download right now because Lucky Palace download offers you choice to pick best games from their gaming list.

Although, today people play or at least want to play casino games on their mobile phones as compare to computer because it is more easy and you can play anywhere any time. Lucky Palace solved this issue as well because they had created customized mobile application for Android, PC and iOS users as well which works smoothly on all of these operating system once you correctly download and install it.

Lucky Palace’s Android application comes up in two different ways. One application is wholly developed for those players who want to play slot games where the other one is developed for those who like to play Live casino only.

For a Malaysian like me who like to play only slot games, Lucky Palace’s mobile application is a great option where if you like to play live casino then you can download Lucky Palace’s live casino application only.

How a Poor Property Agent Changed His Life with Lucky Palace

You have heard and read many stories in which poor person got rich by doing something special or they become rich just because of their luck and fate but you have hardly listen or read a story about a person who get rich by playing casino games.

Playing casino or gamboling your money in games does not consider very repudiated all around the world, but you have to agree with me that it is changing the lives of many including in Malaysia.

I am very active gambler. When I have start playing casino games like Lucky Palace, i had very limited money to gamble but with passage of time and spending my winning money on live casino, today I am able to feed my family.

I know, my story is not much attractive and motivated enough to attract you to start playing online casino but wait because not all stories are same.

If you have a bit connection or you are playing live casino and online casino games, then you must heard about the story of poor property agent whose life has been changes after playing Lucky Palace in Malaysia.

According to my friend who personally know that poor property agent, he comes to know about Lucky Palace games through an online ad on a random gaming website.

He had no experience with online casino and other gambling games etc. But after getting involved with Lucky Palace games and reading the successful stories of other players, the poor property agent decided to invest his money in online casino through Lucky Palace and he did it.

Lucky Palace an Opportunity to Change Your Life

I know, it is very hard for a person to bet their money special if the person is poor and has very limited resources to bet money in casino but this poor property agent did that and took risk.

Risk always comes up with great profit only if you go through a strategy of expert.

I don’t know, whether the poor property agent was lucky or someone told his trick to win games on Lucky Palace but in both cases, he just did that and start winning big prizes through crown casino in very short time.

The story of poor property agent teaches me about the fate, luck and risk taking opportunity.

We should take risks in our life and those risks should not be limited to the general and traditional opportunities but we need to think beyond the circle like that poor property agent did by betting money in online casino game.

And when it comes to take chance in online casino game, then there would be no better option than Malaysia Lucky Palace.